Rule Books and Operational Procedures

Transaction Products Rule Books and Operational Procedures are accessed via the Regulatory Documents page on MyRefinitiv.

Matching Credit Administration Forms

This form is for Matching customers to register their IP addresses so they can use the Matching Credit Administration application to manage credit on Matching.


Refinitiv FX Trade Reporting documentation and support is available on the FXT page on MyRefinitiv.

Currency Matrix

This lists all the currencies that are traded on Matching.

Credit Replication

Page describes what Credit Replication is and provides a link to the history of Credit Replication events.

Refinitiv FX Trade Reporting User Guide

This document explains how to use the functionality of Refinitiv FX Trade Reporting.


Refinitiv FX Trade Reporting Access Request

This form is required to authorize a Matching User to access Subscriber’s Matching trading information.


Refinitiv FX Trade Reporting Password Policy

This document provides details of the Refinitiv FX Trade Reporting password policy and how to reset your password.

Questions & Answers

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about Refinitiv FX Trade Reporting.


These documents are made available solely for the use and reference of current Refinitiv clients and genuine prospective clients who have been invited to review them by a Refinitiv sales representative and must not be accessed by anyone else.


By accessing the documents available on this web page you represent to Refinitiv that you are either a current Refinitiv client or a genuine prospective client who has been invited to review them by a Refinitiv sales representative.



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